TripAdvisor Best Burgers

The Brief

Position TripAdvisor as the world’s largest travel site, which enables travellers to plan and book not only the perfect trip but also restaurants and experiences all via one platform, and ultimately drive consumers and business to the website. 

Bold Insight

Until now TripAdvisor has predominantly been seen as a travel site offering reviews and now booking capability for hotels around the world. Following the acquisition of Dimmi in the 2014, TripAdvisor has significantly expanded its offering to consumers giving them the chance to view, review and book restaurants around Australia. 320 million reviews and opinions from travellers around the world on the site, there was an opportunity to tap into the growing trend of Burger joints in Australia and showcase the credibility of the review community in deciding the best.

Brave Idea

OPR utilised the rich data and trends drawn from the TripAdvisor website to tell an insightful story about Australia’s top burger establishments to create content that drove mass media awareness and intrigue. The campaign was supported by a press office program of tailored media pitches to consumer travel, food, news and pop culture outlets, as well as regional outlets across Australia. 

Brilliant Impact

The campaign generated over 40 media placements, and achieved a total audience reach of over 21 million. Tailored media outreach was key to the success of the campaign and drove coverage cut-through with lifestyle publications Lifehacker and MTV Australia. In addition, OPR leveraged the regionally diverse top 10 burger list to deliver features with the likes of The Canberra Times, Sunshine Coast Daily, and the Gold Coast Bulletin. 

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