Ford Falcon Fanatics

The Brief

Ford’s was launching the new and highly-anticipated Ford Falcon at the end of 2014.  The challenge was that, as well as being the newest and the best, it is also the last Ford Falcon.  With media taking any opportunity to write about Ford’s future in the Australia, and the Falcon fans (‘Falcon Fanatics’) a very loyal, passionate and vocal bunch, a considered and creative approach was needed

Bold Insight

Working alongside Ford’s agency partners, Pulse undertook a targeted earned and social media plan to ring-fence communications around loyalists and enthusiasts, and mostly separating them from consumer media.

Brave Idea

In doing so, Pulse worked with our partner agencies to unveil the new Ford Falcon FG X at Avalon Airport in a unique way that rewarded Falcon fans for their dedication and loyalty.

We engaged 350 fans, owners, employees and V8 Drivers to attend on the day as we created a short film to launch this new car.

But this wasn’t any old launch film – the fans were forming the human track around which V8 legend Mark ‘Frosty’ Winterbottom would drive the best Falcon ever.

By putting them front and centre of the occasion, the fans’ emotions were channeled in the right way and some compelling and highly shareable video content was created along the way.

Brilliant Impact


3,717,492 Australians reached with ring fenced media strategy

43 pieces of content generated across Ford and Falcon Forums platforms

100% message penetration and neutral to positive sentiment across traditional media and Forums platforms


Over 300 pieces of UGC were posted to social during the event – reaching a total audience exceeding 230k.

The launch video alone received the highest engagement ever seen on the Ford Falcon Facebook Page and has reached over 850k people alone

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