Call of Duty: Zombie Escape Room

The Brief

Call of Duty is one of the biggest entertainment franchises in the world and the flagship game for the Activision brand. Our task was to propose new opportunities to engage the wider Call of Duty fan base in time for the launch of the new game.

Bold Insight

Previous Black Ops iterations were incredibly popular with fans and when Black Ops III was announced social chatter increased by 177% with a 5.2% increase in positive sentiment year-on-year. In particular the new Zombies Mode received positive sentiment from fans (5.6% increase) and a 226% increase in posts year-on-yearTherefore we decided to use the fans’ passion for zombies at the heart of our idea. We also tapped into the recent trend for immersive theatre. We harnessed the fact that Halloween fell close to the launch and developed a unique Call of Duty zombie’s inspired experience. 

Brave Idea

In order to build hype amongst fans and media we partnered with award-winning Secret Squirrel Productions, the team behind immersive cinematic experience Underground Cinema,to create a Black Ops III themed Zombie Escape Room.

With tickets available for free and being situated in Melbourne’s Federation Square, the escape room was designed to create a stir and consisted of a branded shipping container surrounded by zombie actors interacting with passers-by. 

Brilliant Impact

The campaign delivered 49 pieces of earned media promoting the Escape room, which in turn created a reach of over 9 million people. In totality the Black Ops III launch achieved 438 pieces of coverage reaching over 158 million people, representing an increase of 20% on the 2014 launch.  Partly as a result of this activity Black Ops III was the largest entertainment franchise launch of 2015.

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